Traffic Spikes

Traffic spikes …nice problem to have, but best off avoided

Traffic spikes …nice problem to have, but best off avoided

You might not actually know what traffic spikes are, but odds on you will have heard of them without realising. Next time you watch a program on TV and there is a website/company promoted. Try going to their site. There will be a good chance the site is down because they have not taken measures to prevent downtime.

Even Amazon suffers sometimes. Amazon’s performance on Amazon Prime Day this year is a superb example. They were a victim of their own marketing success. Millions of people were trying to access their website at the same time and the system simply couldn’t cope. It lead to a lot of disappointment.

Now, much as we’d all love to have the headache of dealing with oodles of customers, a smaller scale problem can still exist for the minnows swimming around the internet pool. Anything from an overly zealous bulk emailing, to a news article on a trending topic, to a TV appearance can cause a spike in visitor numbers.

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