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Online Chat Console for business

Adding an Online Chat Console can offer excellent customer service is something in which a small business can excel. Their size enables an agile approach to customer requests. But with maybe only a handful of individuals working, time and availability are both stretched. So what SMEs need are superb tools at their fingertips…

At GraphicVent, we’ve been putting one particular tool through its paces… and we’re really impressed!

Online Chat Console – for customer support & first point of contact enquiries

Online chat in business… what’s that?

Put simply, the online chat app plugs in to a website and appears as a little familiar chat icon in a discreet position on your web pages. You can configure it such that when you’re not available a polite message displays. Other than that, it’s pretty self-explanatory. People can initiate a chat session, and it’s up to you to move that forward.

What have we found to be the benefits of an online chat console?

Instant answers

Customers love good service, and being able to get an instant answer to a question tends to leave them feeling pretty satisfied. But it’s not all just about benefitting your customers. Becoming an easy point of contact for them will increase their loyalty. They get to know you’re there when they need you, and that’s not something all your competitors will be able to boast. It’ll put you a step ahead in the reputation game…

Reduces stress on other forms of communication

Sometimes being able to ‘converse’ online with a customer real-time means a problem is solved quickly. What might have taken a flurry of emails over a couple of days is resolved in five minutes. That’s great for your customer, of course, but it’s also great for you. A lot of time is saved whilst your inbox shrinks – bliss!

Gives those who are shy, or prefer a level of anonymity, a way to communicate

Some people just don’t like speaking on the phone. They still find emails impersonal but the phone is intimidating. That’s not an easy problem to solve if you want to help your customers. Providing online support via a chat plug in is a great half-way house. It has the instant nature of conversation, with the distance of the typed word.

Easy to monitor

From a workflow perspective, online chat is easy to have on in the background without it being too intrusive on your desktop. Of course, you do need to respond if a query comes through, but that’s no different to a phone call, really, is it?

Enables you to sell to a wider range of people

If your website is a useful tool within your business, and Google is a part of that, then online support via chat can be a real boon. If a prospective customer finds your site and asks you a question, the chance that that contact is going to progress to a sale increases significantly.

A record can be kept of the conversation

Some people like to use email because it means they have a record of what’s been discussed and agreed etc. It’s hard to achieve this with telephone conversations. But with online chat you can. The instant nature of online chat, combined with the fact that a record of the conversation can also be downloaded and stored, ticks two boxes.

Are there any gotchas to watch out for?

Of course, there are aspects to online chat within business that one has to tackle. It can take up a bit of screen space, but we’ve found that going dual screen works well. And it’s true that it can take up a bit of time too. But so do phone calls. Finally, it is a sharp learning curve to get your tone right because it’s easy for messages to be poorly worded and then misconstrued. But with practice this can be quickly overcome.

A final top tip for getting the most out of an online chat console…

Make sure your website is optimised for the search engines. For online chat to be of use to anyone, they need to find your website in the first place. At GraphicVent, not only do we know how to install an online chat plug in… but we also know how to optimise your website too. Why not test us out? If we’re available, send us a message… We’d love to chat with you!


Or want us to do it?

If you would like to setup an online chat console and just don’t have time to setup it up. Yes, you guessed it GraphicVent would be happy to do this for you.
If we are about then you can, of course, use the chat console that pops up or get in contact by the vast array of communication platforms.


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