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Get more Google Reviews for better page ranking

Looking for more Google reviews?

No? why not. After reading a SEO blog and doing a bit more reading we at GraphicVent are making a conscious effort to get more Google Reviews.

Businesses that rank higher in search engines you’ll see that they have more Google reviews than lower ranked competition. This isn’t true in 100% of cases but majority of the higher rankings over their competition do have more reviews. The average number of reviews under company accounts is normally around 1… yup 1 review can make the difference.

To start with you need a Google Business Page – then that page needs to be verified, this can take a while if you select to verify the business by post. But it is worth the wait. Steps to create and verify your business can be found here –

All set up for Google reviews?

If you take a look at this link then you can see how to create a direct link to the review section on your Google business page. Handy link to how to create a direct link to Google reviews

Then we create a short link to make that link that was longer than an encryption code from an episode of star trek into something more usable. This is what we ended up with – by using the website.

We couldn’t find any evidence or documentation but it is said that you should build your reviews steadily. Google will see a sudden influx of reviews as an attempt to bypass organic growth in the search system. So slow and steady is the best way. Try and get at least 2 a month to start with.


Or want us to do it?

If none of that makes sense or you just don’t have time to setup the Google review page. Yup, you guessed it GraphicVent would be happy to do this for you.
If we are about then you can use the chat console that pops up or get in contact by the vast array of communication platforms.


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