Free Facebook page template

Free Facebook page template 2016

Facebook regularly change their UI layout on profile pages, we are always looking for these changes and more often that not Designers are good enough to make and update a Facebook page template.

We have created a template free to download and use for you to update a Facebook page template. The layout makes use of the new art board layout in Photoshop and (hopefully) will take the pain out of making one yourself. There are 4 art boards

  1. Desktop Preview – no need to change this as it will auto update. You can change all the details on the other art boards and this will auto update the Facebook page template. The export and send a full preview to clients.
  2. Profile Image – This is set at 180x180px (even though FB) displays the final image at 160px x 160px. This will change to the 160px view in the page preview.
  3. Cover profile Image – Replace your main image file here. There is also included a guide for mobile safe area
  4. Title Text – This is purely for the Desktop Preview, enabling you to tile the Preview for clients.

Free Facebook page template 2016.1

Updated Version 2016.1

Added a new section and visual to incorporate the new Facebook services Tab

  1. Services Image – will update the desktop preview. The image size should export at 138x138px
  2. Desktop Preview Services – will update as above, you can update the services text to the copy of your choice.
  3. You can change the address and contact details

We thought it about time GraphicVent created a Facebook page template… seeing as we have made use of others.

Feel Free to share it

Download the Free Facebook template

Or want us to do it?

If you can’t make use of the free template GraphicVent would be happy to do this for you. Take a look at our portfolio as a starting point to see examples of our past work.
If we are about then you can use the chat console that pops up or get in contact by the vast array of communication platforms.


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